Grab a Life Jacket! It’s Whale Watching Season

If one day you wake up and decide that whale watching is on your agenda, you’re in luck! San Diego’s whale watching season is nine months long, meaning your chances of seeing the world’s largest mammals are very high.

Gray whales migrate from Alaska to Baja California from December to April, stopping at their destinations to give birth to their calves. More than 20,000 gray whales make this 10,000 mile roundtrip journey every year. Once their calves are strong, they head back up north for the summer and fall. This 70-mile migration path makes San Diego the ideal destination to watch these creatures.

Fast forward to June, you will see blue whales off the coast of San Diego, feeding on krill during the summer months. Blue whales tend to hang out further off of the coast than grey whales, requiring a boat trip to catch a glimpse of one. Blue whales migrate from June to September and have been tracked migrating from the Antarctic to California to Costa Rica.

San Diego offers many ways to experience whale watching along the coast. From shore, the Birch Aquarium, Cabrillo National Monument and Torrey Pines State Reserve offer excellent viewing locations. If a boat trip and a closer look are higher on your list, San Diego offers many whale watching excursions to choose from. San Diego Whale Watch and Adventure RIP Rides offer exciting whale watching excursions for all ages.