Days Inn Employee Spotlight – Eddie

At Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle Near SeaWorld, we appreciate all of our employees for all the hard work they do on property day in and day out. This month, we wanted to recognize an outstanding member of our staff, Eddie, for our Employee Spotlight. Eddie is the Chief of Engineering on property and has recently been nominated for a Gold Key Award.

Years ago, Eddie worked for the company that picked up garbage from the hotel each day. The Chief Engineer at the time grew a liking for Eddie and offered him a position working in maintenance for the hotel. From there, Eddie has worked his way up to Chief Engineer. He is an exceptional example of working through the ranks to a top position and how hard work truly pays off.

Eddie truly represents the best aspects of Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle Near SeaWorld. He once came to the hotel in the middle of the night on his vacation to assist with a situation on property. Eddie consistently shows a willingness to do whatever it takes to get a job done and is always found ‘in the trenches’ with his team when working on projects or fixing issues that come up.

The entire Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle Near SeaWorld staff truly enjoys and respects Eddie for all that he does. He is eager to give the ‘shirt off his back’ for anyone in need, he is loyal to his work, he is kind to everyone, and he is a wonderful part of our staff.