Fiestas Patrias at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park

San Diego is a city that is deeply connected to its culture, and is committed to recognizing and celebrating its historic past. Fiestas Patrias at the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park will celebrate Mexican Independence and highlight Mexican culture and food. The festivities will include traditional celebrations, dances, and a variety of entertainment including music, games, and historical reenactments. And of course, plenty of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Be sure to head to the Old Town State Historic Park on September 15th to take part in the festivities!

Plus, here’s 3 other things to do and see when you find yourself in Old Town San Diego:

  1. Café Coyote
    A local favorite, this farm to table Mexican joint boasts authentic hand made tortillas, a fusion of Baja and Mexican flavors, and some serious home cooking that is sure to make your trip to Old Town worth it.
  2. Historical Landmarks
    With heavy touches of Spanish colonialist architecture, this district is full of historical traces of both the early settlers and California’s original Natives.
  3. Shopping
    There’s tons of unique shops and markets as you meander through the mosaic tiled streets of Old Town San Diego. Definitely check out the Bazaar del Mundo, a tightly packed market overflowing with beautifully crafted trinkets and cultural treasures.