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Easter Ideas in San Diego

Candies and Baskets To Delight All

Creativity is always a plus, and this year we thought we’d give you some tasty tips on how to pull off your own special Easter in San Diego! Our city is home to some truly wonderful candy shops, so you couldn’t find yourself in a more fitting location during one of the most candy-centric of holidays. Check out our Easter ideas and recommendations for where to go to pick up supplies.

We’ll start with the most famous: See’s Candies is directly across 1-8 from our hotel, located in the Fashion Valley shopping complex, so you won’t need to travel far. Staff there can help you choose from the tantalizing array of classic-style goodies, and if you’d like, you should definitely try their handmade chocolate Easter Eggs and Easter gifts.

If you’re looking for some inspiration with a real San Diego flavor, a trip to downtown may be well worth it. Among the historic streets, you’ll find dozens of San Diego candy shops, gift shops, florists, and chocolatiers. Allen’s Flowers and Plants on 6th and Market is a favorite of ours for special occasions, especially those that call for beautiful bouquets; you can do no wrong in the chocolate department when you choose Ghirardelli’s, located at 643 Fifth Avenue; and IT’SUGAR at 450 Fifth Avenue is essentially a candy-themed amusement park in store form. For an artisanal approach to your Easter baskets, Extraordinary Desserts does magnificent gift boxes featuring their decadent creations.

Anywhere you go in San Diego with dreams of Easter in mind, we can guide you toward bringing them to life!


We’re lucky to be in one of the best locations in San Diego for finding readymade holiday specialties, or just places where you can find what you need to make the perfect basket. Visit us, and enjoy Easter in San Diego!