Get Your Blood Pumping in San Diego with these Adventurous Activities

Feeling a little more adventurous in 2019? San Diego is the perfect destination to indulge in a thrill-seeking resolution. Land, sky, and sea offer a multitude of options, including hiking, hang-gliding, and jet-skiing, to get your blood pumping. Here are our top adventurous activities in San Diego.


Nothing will get your heart pumping faster than jumping out of an airplane. San Diego weather is almost always perfect for this activity, so there’s nothing to hold you back. GoJump Oceanside or Skydive San Diego are two perfect locations to increase your adrenaline.

Explore Sea Caves on Kayak

Adventure into the La Jolla Sea Caves on kayak to find kelp forests, sea lions, sting rays, and more. All tours start at low tide so you can fully explore the caves. La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks provide all gear at a flat rate.

Swim with Sharks

Take the leap into the shark-infested waters of San Diego, no cage needed. Join shark experts off shore for free diving or snorkeling around blue and mako sharks. Day trips and week-long excursions are available. La Jolla Shores offer the best place to get a glimpse of these creatures, as the waves are gentle.

Hang Glide off of a Cliff

Say “yes” to your inner daredevil by jumping off a cliff. Glide over the calm ocean waves and catch the sunset from a new perspective when you hang glide over the cliffs in La Jolla at the Torrey Pines Gliderport. All skill levels are welcome and tandem glides are available for beginners.