Guest Appreciation Month – The Most Interesting Guest Stories Throughout the Years

Guest Appreciation Month is here and our employees have gathered to share a few of the most interesting guest stories during their time at Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle Near SeaWorld. Since our guests make our days brighter, it only makes sense to share stories of the ones who left us with a smile on our face.

Ily – Guest Service Agent

“One funny memory I have is of a guest who stayed with us for about a week. He spoke absolutely no English, only Arabic, which none of us at the desk knew. But every evening, without fail, he would bring down a full tea set of Arabic coffee, with a bunch of AMAZING food that no one at the desk had ever tasted before. Everyone always tried to sit with him for at least a minute to try what he had brought us. It was so much fun- even though we couldn’t communicate with him!”

Barbara – General Manager

“Every morning our housekeeping staff participates in an exercise circle in preparation for their day. It’s just basic stretching but on several occasions, we’ve had guests join in on the morning stretches. The housekeepers love interacting with the guests. Guests are always welcome to join!”

Brian – Director of Hotel Operations

“We had a couple stay with us last May and about a week after they left, we began receiving postcards from them to our staff talking about all of the adventures they had been on since they left our hotel. We received postcards for several months following their departure.”