Tips for How To Travel With Pets

Pet parents understand: pets are family. Still, so many of our “best friends” get left out of the picture when it comes time to plan travel. If you’re looking to bring your four-legged companions along on your next adventure, here are some handy tips for how to travel with pets

Plan Ahead

Many of the places you plan to go during your travels will be pet-friendly. Others may not. So it helps to do a little advance research when planning your route and destination. Road trip? Make sure to build in restroom breaks, as well as food stops at regular intervals. Searching for pet-friendly parks, hotels and/or restaurants along your route will usually yield good results. When flying, always check your airline’s pet policy in advance. And call ahead to see to it that your hotel can accommodate pets. Many hotels (including ours!) are happy to welcome you and your pets, but do require advance notice when booking.

Pet Paperwork

When traveling with a pet, it’s also advisable to travel with your pet’s pertinent paperwork. It’s a good idea to bring along obedience school certificates, inoculation / medical records, service-animal status documents (if applicable), and any others you think might be helpful. Some establishments will require these, and others will at the very least appreciate them. Keep them handy, in a safe and easily accessible place, and don’t be afraid to offer them even when not asked for as a good-faith gesture. 

Apps To Yap About

When traveling with a pet, it can be quite helpful to give yourself a technological boost. Many helpful (and free) Android and iOS apps are available to download that will include lots of helpful tools and information. (iOS, Android) is among the most popular, and can provide you on-the-go information regarding where you and your companion are welcome. The American Red Cross has a Pet First Aid app (iOS, Android) that can help provide emergency information in case of illness or injury. And BarkHappy (iOS, Android) uses GPS to help you connect with other traveling pets for playdates. 

Provide Creature Comforts

The more familiar objects and environments your pet has along for the ride the more comfortable they’ll be during the trip. If your pet is small enough and you have the cargo space, bring a collapsible crate and/or portable carrier. Pets usually see these places as comfort rather than as confinement. Make sure that you have their favorite toys and even a blanket to put inside. And stock up on their favorite food before leaving. Being out on the road is a bad place to discover that their preferred chow is unavailable, or worse — only the varieties that can upset their stomach are. Remember: pets are creatures of habit. So providing them as much familiarity as possible will help keep them calm. 

Microchip for Safety

No matter how comfortable you try to make your pet, unfamiliar environments can be unsettling or scary to them. If pets are overwhelmed by too much motion, sounds or smells they’re not used to, or other people or animals they don’t know, they can become stressed or upset. Some animals may even resort ro a flight instinct to escape, even if that behavior isn’t characteristic for them. So before you leave on your trip, make a veterinarian appointment, and have your pet microchipped. That way, if you’re accidentally separated, you stand a much better chance of being reunited later. Don’t wait until it’s too late!   

Trust the Experts

Just in case there are any issues, it’s always good to check where the closest animal hospitals and veterinarian offices are in your destination before you travel with your pet. If you’re staying with us at Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle, you’ll be right next to the VCA Emergency Animal Hospital, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

VCA Emergency Animal Hospital
2317 Hotel Circle South San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: (619) 299-2400

Tips To Travel With Pets

Choose the Right Hotel

Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle is happy to welcome travelers on an adventure with their pets! We do ask that you let our reservation team know at the time of booking that you’ll be traveling with pets in order that we both prepare your space properly, as well as let you know what our requirements are. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our pet policy. And don’t forget to take a look at our Special Offers page to select the package that’s right for you and your travel companion!