Our Favorite Food Near San Diego Comic-Con

Where to Eat Like a Superhero

Saving the world works up a serious appetite that even superheroes need to satisfy. Here are our top 5 places where caped crusaders love to eat and drink during Comic-Con.

  1. Café 222
    Place. Does. Breakfast. Just a few blocks from the San Diego Convention Center, this café takes its syrupy concoctions seriously. With over 10 different types of waffles and pancakes, Café 222 is the perfect way to start your day at Comic-Con. (After all, it was featured in Gourmet Magazine.) Be on the lookout for their superhero themed waffles … we hear Captain America’s shield is making a surprise appearance.

Image via Unsplash

  1. Searsucker
    Heralded as a “New American Classic” by the San Diego restaurant scene, this gastropub specializes in shared plates and creative cocktails. Come here to unwind after a long day at Comic-Con, and enjoy a limited-time menu featuring special cocktails of super-human proportions. Wonder Woman Whisky Sour anyone?
  2. Curadero
    San Diego is certainly known for its Mexican food, and Curadero, a taqueria and cocktail bar, is no exception. Curadero also features a walkup takeout window for those wishing to consume delicious tacos in between Comic-Con events.


Image via Unsplash

  1. Larry’s Deli
    Another fan favorite of convention goers is Larry’s Deli, a classic, nostalgia-filled throwback to the classic delis of New York City. At Larry’s, the obvious choice here is the pastrami on rye special—and don’t forget the pickles.
  2. Cowboy Star
    If saving the world works up an even bigger appetite than usual, you’re going to need Cowboy Star. This rustic steakhouse serves up some serious meats, and does not disappoint. Come here for impressive cuts of steak, great wine, and a cozy, inviting ambiance.