Staff Favorites: Halloween Films

Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the holiday’s most celebrated activities is grabbing a blanket and some popcorn, turning out the lights, and watching scary movies cuddled up with friends, family, or a special someone. Here at Days Inn San Diego Hotel Circle Near SeaWorld, everyone has a movie to recommend. We surveyed six staff members on their favorite frightful flicks and compiled their answers into the below list — add them to your holiday rotation! 

Yanet, Guest Service Agent

For Yanet, one of our talented Guest Service Agents, it’s Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas that tops the Halloween Netflix queue. As she explains it, the movie “was my favorite Halloween movie growing up.” If you’re celebrating Halloween with little ones, this is always a great pick.

Javion, Guest Service Agent

Javion, also from Guest Services, has a taste for the macabre. Rather than recommend the lighter film fare favored by so many others, he chose Nightmare on Elm Street because “Freddy Kruger gave me nightmares and is my favorite villain.” Some people just love being scared!

Martha, Housekeeping

Martha from Housekeeping, like Javion, takes a darker approach to Halloween films. Chucky has become her own favorite horror flick for the simple fact that “a doll comes to life and kills people, [which] terrifies me.” If you have a high tolerance for the exceedingly creepy, give this one a go.

Brian, Director of Hotel Operations

Our brilliant Director of Hotel Operations, Brian, picks Halloween, for its scary score and the fact that “Michael Myers cannot die.” It hard to think of a more classic pick.

Monica, Director of Sales

Monica chooses cult classic Hocus Pocus, the 1990s fantasy film starring Bette Midler, for its balance of horrifying and humorous elements. This is another great option if you’re watching with the kids.

Barbara, General Manager

Barbara, our General Manager, recommends The Rocky Horror Picture Show. When pressed for an explanation, she breaks into a rendition of the movie’s best-known song, “The Time Warp.” If you enjoy laughing and singing during your movies, this could be the one for you.